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The Famous Grouse - From Grain To Glass

Mark Andrew Turner Photography have just completed a photography commission for The Famous Grouse entitled From Grain To Glass. The commission involved photographing the whisky making process from the intitial malting and milling of the grain, all the way through to the bottling of the spirit. The process was shot at Glenturret Distillery in Crieff, which is claimed to be Scotland's oldest distillery. To highlight this, the images were processed in a vintage syle to fit with the theme of the new Famous Grouse Experience guide book and other promotional material. The famous Grouse were provided with over 140 photographs from the project. Some vintage style sample images from the shoot can be found below.

Spirit Sample
Whisky Distillation Process
Whisky Cask Filling
Whisky Casks
Glenturret Distillery










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